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In the past half-century, individuals have undertaken the task of adapting, into English, the music which was brought to this land by the Orthodox faithful. This website, "Podoben”, is an effort to make available the musical adaptations to all who find a need for English and Slavonic adaptations to accompany the services of the Orthodox Church. It will contain arrangements for all aspects of life in the Church. The scores are arranged by individuals who have freely given their time and talent for the sole benefit of the Church. There are other musical publications which can be obtained from the bookstores of St. Tikhon's Theological Seminary and St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary as well as other sources. It is suggested that you contact these institutions for available resources.

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If you have any suggestions as to what you may want to see made available on this site, please contact:

Ronald Geleta

In Memory of +Walter Shymansky (3/31/2019)                                            Memory Eternal! 


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